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Friday 5- Randoms

I'm here! I'm here! I know, I suck. How many times have I begun an entry this way? Anyway- I'm here, that's all that matters. Right? RIGHT.

I'm still looking into a new place to house my blog but I'm kind of apprehensive to leave here because a) I don't want to lose the few LJ'ers I have left that still bother to read my sporadic posts and b) I don't want to lose (not that they will be gone, but they won't be *with* me anymore) the years worth of stuff I already have here. Le sigh.

A few random things on a Friday:

1. I was just having an E-conversation with a friend regarding two things- 1. I have really sucked at keeping my non-resolution of blogging every day and 2. The difference between people on Facebook and Twitter. It's true. I can't lie. I am leading double lives via social network sites. On Facebook I try to keep my bad language at bay and am as least offensive as possible. All my family is on there, friends that I know barely or are just mere acquaintances with, people who would generally not appreciate the sewer that is my mouth sometimes. So, you know, I am kinda tame there. However- follow me on Twitter at your own risk. I'm not screaming the F word all the time by any means, but I'm much more likely to say what's really on my mind there...whether you like it or not. Plus, the beauty of Twitter is that sure- you can reply to a Tweet, but that pesky "comment" option is not there- generally keeping the peanut gallery's disapproval at bay. I guess my blog here is somewhere in between. I'd actually like to not censor it as much as I do, but I come from a long line of people pleasers and try as I might, I still have it bred in me to not upset anyone and so I've *somewhat* kept this place approved for all audiences. Hmm...maybe I'd write more if I let go of that?

2. VACATION!! Time to plan one. Where should we go? It probably won't be until a year from now but I don't care. I got the go-ahead to plan it, and plan it I shall. I want to go somewhere like


But I'll probably be lucky to end up at a Super 8 in Tampa. Oh well. I can dream. Watch this space for future vacation plan developments. Oh. I'd also like for this one to be a kidless vacation so I'm accepting volunteers for a week-long Whitehousemom's spawn watching adventure. Apply within.

3. My bird is weird. That's him hanging out in a dish of sunflower seeds. Ok then, Pablo. (Note how I said "My bird" MY bird. "Mom. Mom. I want a bird. Let's get a bird. I want to spend my Christmas money on my very own bird. I will love it forever and he will be my best friend. I'm going to name him Captain Bird and he'll sit on my shoulder and I'll feed him raisins." Yeah. That was the day we got the bird. I don't think he's looked at him since. It's ok, Pablo, Mommy loves you.)

and so is my kid's hair. Poor thing.

I tweeted this pic to Chef Anne Burrell saying he won her look-alike contest, but she didn't reply. I guess she wasn't amused.

But seriously. He'd win.

4. Speaking of Ol'CrazyHair up there, he's been a pill lately. And by "pill" I mean "total asshole". I mean. Nothing can please this child. And then all of a sudden he'll be as happy as a lark. Bipolar? Maybe. Or maybe just 2. But he's also had a cold lately so I'm *trying* to give him the benefit of the doubt and blame this attitude on not feeling well, so I've been coddling him, I admit it. Today has been something like this, in his own words:

I refuse to wear pajamas
I refuse to wear a diaper (non-negotiable- I win)
I refuse to wear anything BUT a diaper
I want to ride around the house on my Batman Big Wheel laughing maniacally
This Batman Big Wheel has become tiresome. Get it away from me.
Fine. I agree to wear a shirt
I refuse to wear pants
I refuse to wear *THAT* shirt
And that one
Fine. I will settle for this slightly less repulsive shirt. But I still don't like it.
I want a snack
Not that snack
Or that one
Or that one
Or that one
I want Sun Chips
I want popcorn
No you may not have the Sun Chips back, I want them both
I want to throw this popcorn at the dog
I want to watch Peppa Pig
I want to watch Peppa Pig
I want to watch Peppa Pig
I want to watch a DIFFERENT Peppa Pig
"snort snort snort"
I want lunch
I don't want lunch
I hate your lunch, I want to throw it across the table
I want my lunch back
I don't want to take a nap
I refuse to take a nap
Can I take a nap now?

The end.

5. I'm going out with my friend tonight and I'm going to have a drink or 4 and I'm going to enjoy it.


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Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:24 pm (UTC)
Bahahahaha! You crack me up!
Feb. 3rd, 2012 10:26 pm (UTC)
As always, you crack me up. I hope you have this LJ when he's a grown up. Not a teen! He'll hate this as a teen. But when he's a man, maybe a man with children, he is going to crack up too.
Feb. 11th, 2012 07:53 am (UTC)
Ohhhh...you just slay me! Haha! I love your posts! And I'm glad you can be yourself on Twitter! I love what you post on there also! Keep 'dem blog/post thingies comin'! :)
Feb. 11th, 2012 07:35 pm (UTC)
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